Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bontoc Eulogy

A lecturer of the college surprised me when she told me of a film about Bontoc that was being shown in a film festival of some sort here in Singapore. She remembered that I am from Bontoc and very kindly informed me, thinking that I might be interested. I was of course very much interested not only because I have not watched the film but also because the topic, which was about Igorots in the St. Louis Fair of 1904, was of interest to me, so I made it a point to go and watch it.

However, since the topic is about Bontoc and its culture, I had to post it in my other blog hehehe... You can read about it here.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let Him Hold Your Hand

[This poem was written by Sis Ganda for me, after we chatted about an important issue in my life :) She wisely wrote, "Let God hold your hand", and I was so struck by her statement. I told her to write a poem with that as a starting point. Thank you, sis, for everything. Indeed, the comfort of knowing that God is holding my hand through this matter...]

Let God hold your hand
When conflicting possibilities stare you down
When His will is unconfirmed
When there’s nothing to do but wait
Let Him hold you by the hand.

Let Him give you His peace
When your heart is anxious
When you want to chicken out
Let God hold your hand.

When all you’ve left is a sigh
A heart that could only cry
Let His love embrace you
And His presence comfort you.

When everything is fuzzy
And your eyes just can’t see
Let His wisdom be your sight
He’ll lead you by the hand.

When you think you know
And you find out you don’t
Be assured that He knows
Just let His wisdom be yours.

So in everything my dear
Be it in matters of the heart
Or in issues of the mind
Let Him hold your hand.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Images of Malacca, Malaysia

The two-week midterm break is always a good time to explore new places. Luckily, compared to Singapore, the nearby countries are much, much cheaper when it comes to travel, food and accommodation.

Malacca is supposedly where Malaysia started as a country, according to a Malaysian schoolmate, and I guess, its being recognized as a World Heritage Site is a testimony of its rich history. Click here for a brief info of how this place got its name and its beginnings.

The Red Square,
obviously because the buildings were painted brick red.

The ruins of St. Paul's church
It was first a church, then it became a fortress, and later became a burial ground. Multi-purpose church, ei?

Tombstones of the Dutch...
Errr, translation please.

Naha, padyak! Ay hindi, trishaws daw pala.

They have a museum for their stamp history.

Souvenir shirts loh!

Garb for Muslim women
Ang cute ng mannequin noh?

Yummy food!!!

Chicharong baka yan,
bawal ang baboy.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

In Case You Want to Know

I was tagged by Sis Ganda to do this post. It was quite enjoyable :)

I am: full. I just had breakfast :)
I think: love colors my world ;)
I know: I am God's beloved.
I have: a purpose in life.
I wish: that I can always make the right decisions.
I hate: insensitive people.
I miss: my family and my friends back home :(
I fear: losing my loved ones.
I hear: the birds chirping outside, irregardless of my OPM music.
I smell: my freshly-washed clothes.
I crave: for sinigang and pinikpikan!!!
I search: for my room key oftentimes.
I wonder: if we will ever get to finish our Bontoc Ikholot Old Testament.
I regret: having to keep some feelings to myself when it’s unhealthy.
I love: the simple things in life – curling up with a good book, listening to music, being with friends, being alone with my thoughts, etc.
I ache: when I physically exerted myself too much.
I am not:
I believe: that life is a celebration.
I dance: in my seat and when the music’s worth dancing to :D
I sing: when I know the lyrics of the song.
I cry: when I can’t take it anymore, be it emotions, stress or situations.
I fight: when there is someone/something worth fighting for.
I win: when I overcome my laziness, indifference, and listlessness.
I lose:
when I only think of myself.
I never: say never. Life is full of boomerangs; it gets back at you.
I always:
laugh out loud, irregardless of where I am :D
I confuse: my Biblical Hebrew vocabs and tenses. Sigh...
I listen: to what people have to say.
I am scared: of being alone in the dark. Yay!
I need: to motivate myself; a lot of things to read and do :(
I am happy about: our incoming trip to Malacca, Malaysia. Yipeee!!!
I imagine: what the future holds for me.

Hmmm... Let me tag Manong Abella, Andreas, and Jesse.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Food Patrol

Here's a look at the 'makan' here in Singapore. I haven't tried any of their exotic food, only the frog porridge, which is not so exotic for me hehehe... It is a known fact that Singaporeans love to eat, but well, so do Filipinos eh? ;) But I guess they do win when it comes to variety.

Try Indian.

Go Chinese.

How about Korean?

Hmmm, maybe Indonesian?

Seven-course-meal sampling, anyone?

For dessert...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Lucid Thought

Sometimes I think I am a fool;
like a moth drawn to the flames
and unable to resist,
I flutter dangerously close,
even knowing that in the end,
I may get burned.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Thai Boxing

This was Thai boxing, choreographed into a dance, that we witnessed during the Language Development Conference in Bangkok. I wasn't able to video the whole "fighting" session but I clearly remember that the fighter in red won in the end :)

The g-string and even the vest they wore looks eerily familiar hehehehe...